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Ultram Er Cost, Ultram 20Mg

Ultram Er Cost, Ultram 20Mg

Ultram Er Cost, Ultram 20Mg

Ultram For Sale

The Ordsall Chord is a major railway project connecting Manchester’s Victoria and Piccadilly Stations for the first time. Existing historic brick railway viaducts are being widened in concrete, and a new railway viaduct includes large half-through girder bridges and the UK’s first network arch bridge spanning the River Irwell. Other significant works include a new 50m spine-beam footbridge, and extensive refurbishment to heritage structures, including restoration of a Grade I listed masonry arch bridge dating to 1830. The engineering design and construction is geometrically complex and architecturally demanding.

The site visit will include all the works mentioned above, escorted by engineers involved closely in the project’s delivery. Viaduct widening works are substantially complete on site. Hanger installation for the network arch bridge will be ongoing at the time of the visit, as will be the heritage works.

Attendees will need to wear full railway PPE (full orange high vis, safety boots – steel toe cap, hard hat, safety glasses, gloves) as the construction site is live; only limited PPE may be available to borrow.

Attendees will be sent further meeting details.

Note, as visitor numbers are limited, tickets will be open only to IABSE Members until the 16th April.


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Ultram In Canada
Ultram Online Order