About us

We are the British Group of the worldwide International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE). Our members are designers, constructors, researchers, clients, engineers and architects. We are privileged to count among our number many of the UK’s most influential and inspirational designers.

Founded in Zurich in 1929, IABSE is a long established and highly regarded international association whose members include many of the world’s leading practitioners, academics and researchers. As the international influence and context of so many of our projects continues to grow, it is increasingly important to develop an international outlook and perspective to our work. IABSE is the pre-eminent international Association dedicated to sharing and disseminating structural engineering knowledge and expertise among its members, and the British Group those members currently working in the UK.

In addition to holding international conferences and events, and publishing guidance documents and the structural engineering journal, the Association operates locally through individual National Groups. The British Group, founded in 1930, organises meetings, lectures, site visits and other events and our members participate regularly in international events.


Here in the UK, the British Group organises a variety of events to support, inform and inspire our members and encourage the cross fertilisation of ideas:

  • Annual LectureUsually held in May at The Institution of Structural Engineers HQ in London, this important and hugely popular lecture is always given by a high profile invited speaker, often from overseas.
  • Milne Medal and LectureEach year we award the Milne Medal to recognise an outstanding individual engineering designer who then delivers a lecture, usually in November, also at The Institution of Structural Engineers HQ.
  • Henderson ColloquiumHeld in Cambridge in July, with a small group of invited participants debating an important subject of topical relevance.
  • Future of Design: This popular one-day event is aimed at encouraging and inspiring young engineers and other professionals early in their careers, helping them to establish a network of contacts among their peers. We host two events each year – one in London and one elsewhere in the country.
  • Journey to Success: An informal evening meeting and debate aimed at helping early career members to consider possible future directions and career options.
  • Study Tour: A visit to study interesting and important structures, either in the UK or abroad.  Recent tours have been to Madrid and Athens, with tours of important structures guided by the designers.
  • Site Visits: Visits to construction sites that can be organised by members whenever and wherever appropriate.

The British Group produces a regular newsletter distributed by email to each member which covers activities of British Group members.

Executive Committee
IABSE British Group

David Knight


Mark Bulmer

Hon. Secretary

Martin Kirk

Hon. Treasurer