The Henderson Colloquium:

The Henderson Colloquium is usually held in Cambridge in July, with invited participants debating an important subject of topical relevance.

Year Topic
2020 Climate Emergency
2019 How can Structural Engineering be an Unending Stream of Goodness?
2018 Serviceability
2016 The Restoration and Preservation of Historic Structures
2015 The Application of Appropriate Technology (Summary Paper)
2014 Digital Design (Summary Paper)
2013 Applying Lessons from Failures
2011 Designing for construction
2010 Structures for energy – challenges and opportunities
2009 Performance based  approach
2008 Changes to structures with time
2007 Lessons from design competitions
2006 Factor 10 engineering for sustainable cities
2005 Dynamics
2004 Designing for the consequences of hazards*
2003 Structural engineering for climate change*
2002 Risk and liability*
2001 Achieving design quality*
2000 Making the most of our structures: a new outline
1999 Learning from engineering history**
1998 Development in the design of structures beyond 2000: balancing risk, whole-life cost and design life*
1997 Behaviour and design of structures for serviceability conditions*
1996 Structural engineering knowledge: the roles of research, education, publications and practice*
1995 Containment structures: risk, safety and reliability*
1994 Not held
1993 Towards joint-free bridges
1992 Stressed-skin building structures
1991 New structural materials: crossing the threshold to application*
1990 The design life of structures*
1989 Not held
1988 Euroengineering: Structures*
1987 Rehabilitation and renovation*
1986 Moveable structures*
1985 Potential developments in structures for the futre*
1984 Liability*
1983 Instrumentation of structures*
1982 History of structures*
1981 The effective use of materials in structures*
1980 Constructability*
1979 Codes of practice: reform to decline*
1978 Inspection and maintenance of structures*
1977 Inspection and quality control*
1975 Highway bridge loading [report and list of papers only]*

** held at the Institution of Civil Engineers library.* held at the Institution of Structural Engineers library.

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