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Young Designers’ Competition

Paper Competition

Submit a one-page paper of your innovative work or research.

Shortlisted entries will be invited to give a short presentation (10-15 minutes) at the conference on 19th September, where final judging will take place.

The judging criteria are:

  • Originality & Innovation
  • Depth
  • Clarity and Form of Presentation

Participants are encouraged to focus on their personal role in the design or subject considered.

The winner of the competition will receive free entry to the Young Engineers Colloquium 2019 held by the German Group of IABSE, plus up to £150 in expenses. This will be held in September/October 2019 at the University of Technology in Berlin, hosted by Professor Mike Schlaich.

The one-page papers need to be submitted before 31st August 2018. Please submit your papers by contacting us directly at events@iabse.org.uk. Papers need to be formatted as per the submission guidelines.


31st August 2018             Deadline for submission

10th September 2018     Shortlisted papers notified

19th September 2018      Authors of shortlisted papers present at the conference

Participants should use the link below to download the competition guidelines and template:

Paper competition brief

Design Competition

Enter a design solution for the challenge presented in the brief.

Entry is in the form of an A2 presentation board submitted in pdf format. Shortlisted entries will be printed and displayed at the conference. Due to the change in deadline, questions on the brief will now be accepted at any time before submission.
The winning team will receive a prize of £300


3rd July 2018                    Design brief issued

31st August 2018             End of questions period. Deadline for submission.

10th September 2018     Shortlisted entries notified

19th September 2018     Judging and Presentation at the IABSE FoD Conference

Participants should use the link below to download the competition brief and the responses to questions:

Design competition brief

Design competition responses to questions

Any questions about the brief or the competition should be sent to events@iabse.org.uk. Answers will be made available to all competitors and published on the link above.