Young Engineers Programme (YEP)

IABSE FOD 2013Mission:

The mission of the Young Engineers Programme (YEP) started in 2002, is to actively support and develop the objectives of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) by focusing on issues relevant to young engineers. This includes increasing the participation of Young Members within the Association, facilitating their international networking as well as recruiting new IABSE members.

General Objectives:

IABSE wishes to provide a platform within IABSE for the exchange of information to Young Members, to encourage promising young researchers and practitioners to share their experience and co-operate with other international or national structural engineering associations with similar programmes for young engineers. The Young Engineers Programme is open to all IABSE members 35 years of age or younger. However, all other interested and motivated IABSE members are also welcome to participate in and contribute to the activities of the YEP.

More Information on the Young Engineers Programme (

British Group Grant for Young Members:

A Young Member (being an Individual Member of the British Group under the age of 35) who has a paper accepted and presents it, either orally or as a poster, at an IABSE international conference will be eligible to receive a grant of £300 towards the cost of attendance. For more details about this initiative and how to apply please click here.

“I attended the IABSE Congress in Stockholm 2016 with the help of the British Group grant scheme to present a paper on the Greenwich Reach Swing Bridge. It was a fantastic experience, and a great opportunity to network with peers from around the world as well as to catch up with old friends. International events like this help to open my eyes to the advances and innovation happening world wide.” – David Knight

“I received the £300 grant right after I returned from the 19th Congress of IABSE that took place in Stockholm in September, 2016. Applying for it was straightforward and, to me, it was IABSE’s way of acknowledging my work and helping me introduce it to engineers and researchers from around the world.” – Elina Efthymiou



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