Young Designers:

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Design Competition:

Twenty teams of young designers (aged 35 years or under on the 10th September 2015) entered the bridge design competition, attempting to fulfil this brief . Their entries were submitted as posters, the best eight of which were displayed and then judged at the conference.

Congratulations go to the following teams who were selected for prizes:

Winners: Dan Green (Flint & Neill) and Emily Carmichael (Cambridge University) (Team 1)
The proposal was admired for its response to context both in terms of the revised siting of the bridge and it’s aesthetic. The slewing structure is a simple but confident technical solution.

Joint Runners Up: Andrew Robinson, Jack Bardwell and Nathan Gilling (Expedition) (Team 3)
The proposal for a fixed cantilever truss with an opposing trussed bascule leaf is a simply stated and novel structure in which the jury saw much potential for further development.

Joint Runners Up: Rebecca Fathers, Aqib Tabassum (CH2M) and Ana Lara Lopez (Knight Architects) (Team 10)
The rolling bascule bridge proposal offers an elegant, beautiful structural object in context and a clearly recognisable update  to the historic water – weighted opening bridges of the docklands.

Special Mention: Chris Short (CH2M) (Team 19)
The scheme illustrated a unique design with a well thought through technical resolution of a theatrical, complex but believable opening procedure.

Paper Competition:

Twelve Young Designers were chosen to present papers they had written at the conference. Two sessions ran concurrently with a winner, and an audience favourite chosen from each. Congratulations to the winners below:

Group A Winner – Rufus Foster
Group A Joint Audience Favourite – Mike Hook
Group A Joint Audience Favourite – Najwa Jawahar

Group B Winner – Mark Hipwell
Group B Runner Up – Andreas Bak
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