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Many engineers dream of working on the tallest skyscrapers and longest spanning bridges. It is usually what sparks our initial interest of becoming a structural engineer in the first place. Whether it was the Golden Gate Bridge, Burj Khalifa or Taipei 101; we have all marveled at these amazing constructions. However, we should not forget that there is an equally important role that we, as engineers, should play. We are capable of creating clever solutions that can positively impact hundreds of thousands of people, and that is exactly what we are inviting you to work on.

Click the link below to download the competition brief and begin your new challenge.

IABSE FoD London 2017 Young Designers Design Competition Brief

Key Dates

8th May 2017 | Design brief issued.

12th May 2017 | Team registration starts.

Any questions about the brief or the competition should be sent to events@iabse.org.uk.

30th June 2017 | End of questions period.

14th August 2017 | Deadline for competition submission.

1st September 2017 | Shortlisted entries notified.

15th September 2017 | Judging and Presentation at the IABSE Future of Design conference.

Best of luck.



Thank you all for submitting questions on the design competition. Please find answers HERE.


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Submit your innovative work or research to events@iabse.org.uk to stand a chance at win to a range of prizes.

Shortlisted candidates will get the unique opportunity to present their work at the Future of Design London 2017 conference, where the winner will be announced.

Click the link below to download a template and guidelines to your submission.

IABSE FoD London 2017 Young Designers Paper Competition Template and Guidelines

Key Dates

Submission shall be made no later than 5pm on the 14th of August 2017.