Conference Speaker Profiles

We are delighted to introduce the following speakers to the Future of Design Manchester 2020 Conference:

[separator headline=”h2″ title=”Stuart Maggs| CEO at Scaled Robotics“] Construction robotics and AI in the wild

Stuart Maggs is CEO and co-founder of Scaled Robotics. Stuart is an Architect and designer with extensive experience of introducing digital tools to construction in both research and industry settings. Currently, Stuart is the CEO of Scaled Robotics a company leveraging Robotics and AI to deliver automated progress monitoring and quality assurance. Stuart is also a visiting lecturer at UCL and Iaac for the master’s programmes.

Presentation Description: Scaled Robotics uses a combination of Robotics and AI to automatically monitor progress on the construction site to reduce risk and uncertainty. This talk focuses on how Robotics and Machine learning is being leveraged today to deliver value on the construction site. Touching on the development work done so far to get this far and what we think the future of construction could look like. 

[separator headline=”h2″ title=”Martin Knight| Managing Director at Knight Architects“]

Martin Knight is one of the leading UK architects specialising in the design of bridges and transport infrastructure.  He founded Knight Architects in 2006 and the medium-sized practice is market-leader in the field of bridge design responsible for award-winning projects including Mersey Gateway and Merchant Square Footbridge in London.  Their international work includes Ulm Kienlesbergbrücke in Germany and Lower Hatea Crossing in New Zealand.

A passionate believer in the importance of good design in infrastructure, he often acts as client adviser to major projects.  He holds the titles FRIBA ”Fellow of Royal Institute of British Architects” and FICE ”Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineering”, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of Knight Architects projects.

More Conference Speaker Profiles to follow …

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